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2018 St. Mary Parish Livestock Show Winners:

Justin P. :                                                   Shaelyn Compton:

Mini Rex: Sr. Buck 1st Place               1st Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

Sr. Doe 1st Place                                     2nd Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

Jr. Buck 1sr Place

Jr. Doe 1st Place                                     Madelyn Compton:

Mini Satin: Sr Buck 2nd Place           Champion Showman-Received Belt Buckle 

Sr. Doe 2nd Place                                   Premier Exhibitor 

California: Jr. Buck 2nd Place           1st Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

Jr. Doe Champion and 1st Place       2nd Place Breeding Pygmy Buck

Intermediate Buck: 2nd Place           3rd  Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

Intermediate Doe: 1st Pace

Kenndi Chauvin:

Reserved Champion Meat Pen

1st Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

2nd Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

3rd Place Breeding Pygmy Doe

3rd Place Breeding Pygmy Buck

2nd Place Showman 

Nov. 29th -Dec. 1st  Kennedi Chauvin, Madelyn Compton, Shaelyn Compton and Alexa Picard attended 4-H Challenge Camp where they worked on understanding and practicing team building, decision-making, communication, and conflict resolution skills through practical application in the great outdoors. They learned about setting and achieving goals as a group, getting along with others, and appreciating people with different interests and backgrounds.



2017 Sugar Cane Livestock Show Winners:

Justin P. :

Mini Rex: Sr. Buck 2nd Place

Sr. Doe 3rd Place

Jr. Buck 2nd Place

Jr. Doe 3rd Place

Mini Satin: Sr Buck 4th and 5th Place

Sr. Doe 5th Place

Jr. Buck 4th Place

Jr. Doe 1 st Place

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