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Parents Welcome!

Student success is the number one goal at V. B. Glencoe Charter School. In order to achieve that goal, strong parental partnerships are crucial. It is also important that you have the tools you need to stay informed of your child's progress and school events.

Important Policies: 

Pupil Progression Plan 23-24

Parent's Right to Know

Bullying Policy

Bullying Report Form 


Privacy Notice

Title IX Compliance

Communication is the key! Please note the following communication platforms we will use throughout the year: 

1. All teachers use a parent communication app to send whole class or individual messages to parents daily, weekly, or as needed to keep you informed of daily classroom information. Please use the information given to you by your child's teacher to sign up for this important communicatin tool. 

2. Use the Parent Command Center link to  keep up-to-date on your child's progress and grades. If you need information on creating an account, please reach out to your child's teacher or call the office. 

3. Progress Reports are sent home weekly. These reports will show all assignements and overall grade for the grading period. Please review, sign, and return to your teacher in a timely manner. Report cards are given 4 times during the year (every 9 weeks). Two scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the year. 

4. Robo-calls from our Student Information System will be used as needed to get critical information to you quickly. These will come as voice recordings, text messages, or both. 

5. E-mails will be used in addition to robo-calls. It is important that we maintain a viable email address for parents, one that you check regularly. Forms, surveys, critical information may come through emails. 

6. Our Facebook page is a great way to see what's happening at school. In addition to giving important notices that will also be sent through the methods above, you can keep up with all the great things happening at V. B. Glencoe Charter every day! Go to to follow our page. 

7. Monthly calendars will be sent home at the begining of each month. 

8. Of course, you may always contact us at school at 337-923-6900 or email us as needed. 

We can't do our work without help from you. As an independent charter school, we work on limited budgets and staff. We pride ourselves on being able to "do more with less." Please click below to see the Parent Service Commitment to see how you can help make a difference for our students. 

Click any of the buttons in the drop down menus above to find more information you need.

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