Instructional Resources

for COVID 19 School Closure

The teachers of V. B. Glencoe Charter School have created a list of OPTIONAL supplemental resources for parents who wish to facilitate home learning for their children during this time.


Although grades will not be assigned and attendance will not be taken during the closure, families are encouraged to engage in educational activities in the home. The intent of these resources is to provide reinforcement of the learning that has occurred this year.

Please check back often. The information will be updated as needed during the closure. 


Iberia Parish Library







Virtual Field Trips 


Approximate recommended times to devote to learning each day for each grade level are as follows:

Pre-K – approximately 1 hour per day

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade – approximately 1.5 hours per day

3rd – 4th grade – approximately 2 hours per day

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade – approximately 2- 3 hours per day

9th grade - approximately 2 - 3 hours per day


Note: The resources provided are only optional supplemental resources and are NOT considered distance education. Distance Education includes ongoing and regular teacher-initiated interaction for the purpose of teaching, evaluating, and providing assistance throughout the duration of the course and curriculum delivery.

Please note that these resources are being provided to parents for personal use. V. B. Glencoe Charter School does not have a Data Sharing Agreement with any of these software providers. Refer to our student handbook for more information regarding Student Information Privacy policies.   

Some of the resources may require that an account be created to access the site. We have not been able to screen any of these sites to determine how they use personal information for data and analytics. If an email account is required, parents may want to consider creating an alternate email address tied to these resources for added privacy. Additionally, as with all online security, we recommend that parents do not use their child’s true first and last name.


By providing this list of websites available for parents to access for educational purposes, V. B Glencoe Charter School Foundation disclaims any ownership, licensure or other proprietary rights therein and admonishes that any users of the same to comply with all copyrighted materials and/or other licensure requirements.

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